If you have music you want to enhance through mixing or mastering, let’s work together! I aim to bring your musical ideas to life and deliver clear and ear-catching audio.

I offer professional recording, mixing, and mastering in NYC, easily accessible via the A and 1 trains at 207th St. To request services, email me at rafaelmoureaudio@gmail.com ! I am happy to set up a call via phone/zoom to discuss your audio needs.

Recording ($45 / hr)

Capacity for 1-2 input, Slate VMS microphone through Apogee A/D converters. 

Mixing (Inquire for price) (price dependent on # of stems)

I use Pro Tools 2021, and have invested in hundreds of cutting edge plug ins. I have 10+ years of mixing experience at a radio station and studios. 

Mastering ($50 / song)

I create professional quality masters, with competitive loudness and presence. I can master using separate acapella and instrumental bounces to allow for more accurate mastering.

The Mixing Process

  1. Email me at rafaelmoureaudio@gmail.com to request services. For mixing, please include number of songs and size of session (number of tracks).
  2. Send me stems/files and deposit (half of total price).
  3. Turnaround time on mixing/mastering is 5 days from deposit unless otherwise specified. Please feel free to inquire about faster turnaround times. If you want to mix or master in-person, you will get files at end of session.
  4. Review .mp3 mixes and complete three free rounds of edits.
  5. Send final payment and receive .mp3, .wav, and .wav files for streaming.

Some of my favorite plug ins:

Working in NYC studios: